Meet The Trainer...

Casey Biederman (Owner/Trainer) has several years of dog training and handling. 

Casey has committed her knowledge and experience to training dogs   (and their people!).  She has collected knowledge and experience through hands on involvement and being part of the inner workings of a vet kennel, grooming salon, doggy daycare, dog shelter, boarding facility, and has had many opportunities to train dogs along the way.

After research and practice of training mechanics, multiple classes on behavior, nutrition, body language and communication, She has found her niche and love in the art of dog training. .

Casey uses Positive Reinforcement training, counter conditioning, changing emotional response, working with breed specific behaviors, building confidence, with clients. (And their dogs!) 

Casey has also acquired multiple certifications including:

Pet CPR/First Aid
Pet Psychology
AKC S.A.F.E Grooming
Pet Nutrition

Meet The Helper/Anchor Dog

Sprocket (Cattle Dog/Border Collie) is just over 2 years old.  Sprocket was an over-socialized dog, growing up in the city and a dog daycare had his understanding of the world a little twisted.  Sprocket has been training through counter conditioning with dogs and people, he has also worked into obedience drills for fun.  

Sprocket is now a well balanced dog that takes nothing personally.  He is a solid anchor dog for other dogs that are nervous with new things, he is also a great social assistant for dogs that are nervous around others.  Sprocket has a gentle way of helping other dogs open up and enjoy life, and helps instill confidence with those dogs who lack that confidence in public, the home, or around new people or places.