Dogs are NOT pre-programmed to live in our human world.  Our goal is to help close the communication gap between humans and their dogs.  Teaching dogs to be comfortable and confident with themselves allows them to  be Calm Dogs.  

Consultation-  Before committing to training we schedule a 60-90 minute meeting, which allows both parties to chat about challenges, concerns and training plans.  Answering questions about goals, expectations, training plan, homework and management.  Staff will meet the dog(s) and evaluate expectations of potential goals.     
-The consultation allows both parties to interview each other and decide on the best choices for you and your dog.

         -Consultation- 60-90 mins   $50  (no further commitments)

Training Packages
4 sessions             In-home                $350
6 sessions             In-home                $500
8 sessions             In-home                $650

Package Sessions are scheduled for 55 mins at the client and dog's home.
Each hour is packed with information, resources, and plenty of practice to help you and your dog communicate better to meet goals.

Training in the comfort of your own home.   Training your own dog should not be intimidating.  Calm Dog Project comes to your house to assist in setting up the environment and learning the new skills to best overcome the challenges you have with your dog.

Training Themes
Calm Puppy Pre-K   
>Focuses on learning their name, house rules, calm greetings, no jumping, no biting, and crate training.  All the things a puppy needs for a good foundation.  

Calm Puppy Kindergarten
>Focuses on learning to communicate, first cues such as sit, down, and come.
While working on focus, engagement and leash skills for well-trained house pet.

Calm Teen Camp
>Focuses on working with teenage or young adult dog with minimal manners.  Training is balanced with exercise and calm time to help dysregulation. 

All Calm Dog Project Training Themes are customizable .

All Training Plans are created specifically for you and your dog.

Calm Dog Walking
>Focuses on  attention, loose leash walking, ignoring distractions, and confidence.  Having a Calm walker allows both walkers to enjoy the journey together.

Calm Dog Run/Hike/Bike
>Focuses on training the dog as a hiking, running or biking partner.  Teaching your dog directional cues, communication and trail etiquette.  To help build a safe, fun, and adventurous friendship full of opportunity.

Calm Dog Husbandry
>Focuses on body handling for vet visits and grooming appointment.  Desensitize to nail clippers, brushing, teeth brushing. Purposed to help you and your dog(s) stay clean and smelling fresh!  Also to assist other animal care professionals.

Calm Dog  Recall
>Focuses on  establishing a recall,  understanding the recall,  building value in the recall and proofing the recall.
Working towards reliable off leash recall.

Calm Dog  Socialization
>Focuses on neutral emotions and behavior around other dogs, animals, people, cars,  children, etc.

Calm Dog  Handler
>Focuses on Advocating for your dog, how to handle challenging situations, how to plan outings and enjoy being out and about with your dog.