Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
If you’re looking at this page, it means you are doing your research and working hard to find the right dog trainer for you. Great work! It is very important to research dog training companies before hiring one.

Interview the dog trainer over the phone prior to enrolling your dog in a dog training program.
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Experience and Training

Dog Trainer 2+ years   -current

Animal Shelter Work  1+ years  -current

Veterinary Kennel Tech   - 8 months 

Bather/Brusher @ Groom Salon  - 1 year

Boarding and Daycare Services   - 1+ year

What age can my puppy start training?

We can begin training for puppies any time after 10 weeks of age.   Training in the home allows for an early start to training.  Early puppy training allows the puppy to learn the wanted behaviors first instead of correcting unwanted behaviors later.

What training methods do you use?

We start all dogs off with a liberal foundation of positive reinforcement training through shaping and luring behaviors.

Once they have a solid understanding of the skills on the leash, we then "proof” those parts of training by adding challenges and distractions. We then work to build their skills unleashed, with the goal being a reliable off-leash trained dog. Using a

Science backed Force Free methodology we produce happy, motivated dogs who want to work, and choose to obey. 

What tools do you use in training?

~Markers (Word/Sound)                     ~Target Sticks                                    ~Flat Collar/Harness & Leash 
~Bait Bags                                             ~Positive Reinforcement                 ~Mats/bed            
~Crate                                                   ~Platforms                                          ~Muzzle (conditioned) 
~Clicker                                                 ~Praise/Affection                               ~Toys

*We NEVER use aversive tools:   E-collars, prong collars, choke chains, "bonkers", water bottles,
shaker cans, citronella spray, pet correctors, collar pops, yelling, or physical corrections. 

What behavior challenges do you work with?

~jumping on guests       ~barking at dogs or people on leash          ~aggression towards dogs

~fear aggression              ~general anxiety                                                ~potty training

~fence fighting                ~counter surfing                                                ~running away

~chasing prey                   ~car chasing                                                       ~lack of impulse control

~reactivity                          ~leash pulling                                                     ~nervousness

Calm Dog Project can help you create a training plan to work with most problem behaviors. If you’d like to discuss your situation, we’d be happy get a call or email from you!     

Is there a training guarantee?

Sorry.... No,   We can't.

Here’s a little secret about dog training… it is not a magic pill. Dogs are living, breathing creatures, who have thoughts feelings and struggles. We can guarantee that if you follow our training advice and do your homework, you will see positive dog training results.
We cannot control how you live with your dog at home, whether or not you use your training equipment and recommended training techniques, or how you control the environment to help set your dog up for success, we cannot offer a money-back guarantee on training programs.

Dog owners who commit to doing right by their dog and follow our training recommendations will receive individual dog trainer support so everyone is satisfied with the results. We will never guarantee a “cure” for behavioral problems, but we will help you figure out how to make them easier to live with via obedience training, management strategies, and behavior modification techniques.

While our goal is off leash training for adult dogs, some dogs may not be appropriate candidates for off leash adventures. This may include dogs with high levels of fear or anxiety, aggression towards dogs or people, dogs with noise phobias, and dogs with high prey drive. Your trainer will give you honest feedback of what they think is realistic for your individual dog.

Why a Professional Trainer?

Getting your puppy or your dog professionally trained helps set the foundation for the rest of their life. By being proactive in our training we can help prevent nuisance behaviors from developing, and build a confident, well-adjusted dog. 

~Establishes Good Behavior

~Promotes Correct Socialization

~Builds a Strong Bond

~Improves Safety

~Reduces Behavior Problems

~Increases Confidence

~Provides Professional Guidance

Remember, professional training is an investment in your dog’s future well-being and your own peace of mind.
Let us help you with your puppy during their critical socialization window.